the linen


Whoever limited linen to a seasonal fabric was short-sighted. With its solid performance and easy-going aesthetic, we’d argue linen is a year-round wardrobe investment. Linen feels equally comfortable with simple suits, lightweight jackets, denim, or shorts. We admire the way it relaxes the attitude of almost any combination. Likewise, we like it at the beach, lunch, lakeside, for evening cocktails, or a quiet dinner. Linen goes from town to country with ease.


There’s nothing that signals casual in a more classic way than a loosely-tailored linen shirt. Paired with a favorite, soft t-shirt or an unbuttoned, just tossed-on feeling—our newest linen offerings will quickly become go-to best friends in your closet. Keep an eye on them, though. They’ve been known to find their way into the closet of significant others.

Prestige Offering

As with all of our fabrics, we carefully select our linens from the finest mills in Italy where they are exquisitely loomed for the finest and most luxurious hand and drape. This season’s thoughtfully curated linens feature warm weather hues, traditional plaids, and stripes that recall cabanas at sun-soaked resorts.


From breezy camp shirts to casual button downs, the styling of this season’s linens make them a perfect bet from picnic to office or boat to barbecue. We’ve even added a partial button popover with a nod to artists from the early modernist movements. Find your go-to essential for a winding top down afternoon drive.